Why Choose Comidas de mi Abuela? 

What we offer

  • Authentic foods and flavors from various Hispanic countries, from ages-old family recipes, prepared in Authentic Hispanic style
  • Original Hispanic ready-to-eat products
  • All products made with clean ingredients and NO High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • All products are Gluten Free (GF)
  • Small company that can work with you to create unique products
  • Private Label

Target Audience

  • Second and Third Generation Hispanics
  • Gen Z, Gen X, Millennial and Baby Boomer who all have gained an appreciation for authentic regional foods, which deliver on that authentic flavor profile

Our Products, Your Gain

  • Today’s consumer is looking for Authentic Regional Flavors and getting away from “same old” flavors
  • Hispanic flavors are in those top growing foods
  • We will complement your current offerings for increased sales and dollars
  • Offer multiple quick Grab-n-Go concepts for today’s consumers

“Comidas de mi Abuela product flavors are spot on for Region authenticity.”


–Tommy Klauber
Chef, restauranteur and James Beard recipient who specializes
in Hispanic, Caribbean and South American Foods