Abuela’s Foods Deli Meats

Our Deli Meat varieties offer an almost infinite way to expand your menu and profit opportunities.

Deli Meat Highlights

  • One breast muscle
  • Infused and rubbed with marinate/seasonings
  • Consistent authentic flavor in every bite
  • Minimize messy slicers = saved labor to clean
  • Small size for freshness
  • Natural Spices
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Gluten Free

Our Deli Meat Products

Puerco Asado
(Cuban Style)

Fragrant, succulent roast pork made from a traditional recipe marinated with citrus, garlic and cumin.

Chile Verde Pork
(Mexican Style)

Tender slices of roast pork marinated in a rich, zesty green chile sauce.

Chimichurri Beef
(Argentinian Style)

Tender, choice beef top round in a traditional gaucho style chimichurri sauce.

Pavo en Piña (Turkey in Pineapple Sauce)
(Guatemalan Style)

Savory turkey breast marinated for a hint of sweetness in a mild pineapple sauce.

Pavo en Mole Poblano (Turkey Mole)
(Mexican Style)

Mouthwatering turkey breast in a traditional Aztec chocolate and red chile sauce.